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Most solo law firm owners struggle with growing their bank balance. Being a single parent too makes it seem impossible.


We teach you how to master the business of your firm so they meet and exceed their financial goals.
PS - "work harder" is never the answer.


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Life is too short to stay stuck.


Not seeing enough zeros in your bank account sucks. Don't be held back.

You deserve more.


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Ask Yourself: Are You Struggling With...


Upset with your bank balance not growing?


Hitting a growth ceiling with no strategy on how to break through?


Frustrated by the lack of control you feel in your business right now?


Spending too much time in your business and not enough time with family?

(Lack of a) Game Plan

Not having a clear plan to reach your desired business goals?


Feeling like a slave to the very business that you built?

Take Control Back Today

How It Works


Together we will discover what's holding you back.


We will work with you to follow your customized plan for success using our proven techniques.


We will celebrate your success.

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Discover a Proven Plan To Build a Better Firm and a Better Life


Coaching Programs

If your billable rate is not "right" for YOUR financial situation, your firm will NEVER be profitable.

We challenge you to do a checkup to make sure that you are not setting yourself up for failure with a billable rate that is way too low.

Need help figuring this out? We've got you covered.

Download our Billing Profitably Calculator now to calculate the minimum hourly rate you need to bill in order to PROPERLY and PROFITABLY pay yourself.

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Our Core Values

Here are the top things we believe in more than anything else; our immutable laws.

We share these with you because it's important to us that you know what we stand for.

The more we have in common, the more we can connect. 

The more we connect, the more we can understand each other.

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